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Kitchen Stripouts in Melbourne for Your Outdated Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to redo your old kitchen is by a stripout. Instead of demolishing the walls or removing the entire flooring, stripouts provide an easier solution. It typically involves the removal of non-structural walls, cupboards, benchtops, flooring, and splashback tiles as well as sinks or fittings.

You too can opt for kitchen stripouts in Melbourne to spruce up the space. Pro Hand Demolition offers top-of-the-line strip-out services for kitchen spaces at very affordable rates. We have a team of renovators and demolition experts who specialise in delivering stunning results. They will give your kitchen the makeover it deserves and you will enjoy an unmatched cooking experience.

Kitchen Strip Outs

What is Kitchen Stripouts?

Stripouts for kitchens include the removal of various non-structural components. These are then reused to give the space a newer, remodelled look. You can also incorporate new components or replace existing ones according to your heart’s desire. Since these are small-scale renovations, they may not require permits and can be done easily.

However, for the best results, you always want a professional to take the lead. The difference between a professional’s and a beginner’s handiwork is very apparent. For a flawless kitchen that impresses your guests, always employ kitchen demolition and stripout experts. You may want to know what is covered in our stripout services.

As part of our comprehensive strip-out package, Pro Hand Demolition oversees the removal of:

  • All cabinets, cupboards and shelves including doors or drawers

  • Countertops, granite as well as laminated ones

  • Kitchen appliances like stoves, ovens and microwaves

  • Sink, faucets and disconnecting the necessary plumbing

  • Backsplash tiles or other materials used similarly

  • Light fixtures, including pendant or ceiling-mounted fixtures

  • Flooring, depending on your renovation plans

  • Wall coverings like wallpaper or paint, if necessary

  • Electrical lines and cables as required

  • Ventilation or air-con systems

Strip-out and kitchen removals may also require shutting off utilities like water and gas lines. Once everything has been removed, we conduct a thorough inspection. This reveals any underlying issues like mould or structural problems. This is followed by a cleanup to remove dirt and debris before work commences.

Benefits of Kitchen Stripouts

Stripouts provide a wide range of benefits that homeowners can enjoy. These include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced space utilisation by removing unnecessary walls, partitions, or fixtures

  • A fresh, modern look by updating the flooring, cabinets and lighting

  • Customisation options that best suit their needs and preferences

  • Improved functionality and bigger, open spaces

  • Energy efficiency, lower utility bills and more comfortable living space

  • Increased property value if you plan to sell in the future

  • Compliance with safety and building codes

  • Enhanced aesthetics by removing outdated or unattractive features

  • Better organisation and optimisation of storage solutions

  • Improved health and well-being

  • Noise reduction by installing soundproofing materials

Why Choose Us for Kitchen Stripouts?

Kitchen demolition and stripouts present the perfect opportunity to redesign your space. This is why you should opt for our services because we have:

  • Experienced professionals and demolition experts

  • Strict safety and compliance standards

  • Eco-friendly demolition techniques

  • State-of-the-art equipment and tools

  • Customer-first approach

  • The best value for your money

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Staying true to our customer centric approach, you will always be consulted before any work begins – our goal is to bring your vision to life. So, if you require professional kitchen stripouts in Melbourne, call us on 0413 579 072 or email us at

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