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Who We Are?

Pro Hand Demolition is a premier demolition company, driven by a cohesive group of skilled professionals specialised in precise deconstruction. With a strong foundation in the industry, we’ve been delivering exceptional results to our clients. Our expertise extends across various demolition techniques, making us a trusted partner for projects of all scales in Melbourne. We bring a blend of experience and professionalism to every project we undertake.

Over the years, our commitment to a vision has remained steadfast, resulting in a reputation built on excellence and innovation. With a wealth of hands-on experiences, we have continuously refined our craft. Our team works hard and expands their expertise to encompass various facets of the demolition process. This evolution ensures that every job is carried out with a dedication to the highest standards.

Why Choose Pro Hand Demolition?

With us, uncover the true value of selecting the right demolition company – here mastery meets unsurpassed quality.  At Pro Hand Demolition, you’ll have the advantage of precision, a supreme emphasis on safety, and highly individualised customer service. Bring your concepts to fruition – here’s why our clients in Victoria and across Melbourne trust us:

  • Expert Services

    Backed by a team of experts, we work on each project with finesse, from delicate strip outs to substantial concrete demolitions. We strive to provide services that exceed expectations, providing real value for your money. Our expertise goes further than technical skills – we are focused on delivering results that match what you envisioned. Most importantly, our team understands the ins and outs of demolition.

  • Safe Operations

    Our safety protocols and cutting-edge equipment ensure that every project is executed with the highest level of protection. This approach safeguards our team, clients, and surroundings. From thorough risk assessments to the implementation of advanced safety measures, we go the extra mile to create a secure work environment. That way, we ensure that every project unfolds without compromise.

  • Customer-Focused

    You’re at the heart of what we do and hence our team is committed to hearing out your needs for customising our services. We understand that every project is unique and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. By setting high standards for transparency, we forge partnerships built on trust and exceptional results.

If you’re looking for a partner for your demolition project, Pro Hand Demolition is ready to give a hand. Reach out to us whether you’re embarking on a hand demolition, strip out, or any other demolition service, we’re here to turn your project into a success story. You can call us on 0413 579 072 or email us at info@prohanddemolition.com.au to get an estimate.

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